The Name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe. ~Proverbs 18:10 There is a Place where men can go To find refuge for their souls, Where we can shed the need to defend The cloth on which we have laid our lives, The land from which we […]

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God of the Sunrise

You never miss a chanceTo show off Your majestyDelivering masterpieceAfter masterpieceWhile most of us sleep.Daily You ship out aMagical sunriseA morning of graceA new promiseA fresh start.The morning sky is stainedA deep pinkWith tinges of a heady orange,A new day being birthed.As the minutes pass quicklyThe LORD quietly rinses the cloudsOf their crimson hueLeaving behind […]

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Are never adequate.Nothing quite lives upTo the memoryOf a living person.Loss is loss.Whether you engrave it in goldOr write it in the sandThe departed won’t answerWhen you call them by name.Grief is griefAnd it has no expiry date.And though the yearsPile onThe hole is never quite filled.The substance of a memorialIs not so much about […]

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Asthma Attack

It creeps up slowly,InsidiouslySoftly at first and then suddenly violent-One moment you’re going aboutYour existenceHardly awareThat you’re breathing at all,The next you’re keenly awareOf how difficult it is gettingFor the air to pass in and pass outLike finding the roomHas shrunk three sizesWithout warning.As you fumble for your inhalerYou wonder just how manyBodily functionsYou’ve been […]

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Stubborn Pieces of Clay

In a worldThat shouts on the mountaintopsAbout the wonders of human potential,It is increasingly difficultTo come to termsWith the limitationsOf being human-That in the endWe are not God.No new technologyWill ever make us truly omnipresentAnd no passing of legislationWill ever make us omnipotentAnd even the combined knowledgeOf all of mankind will never make us omniscient.One […]

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Grieving Friendship

Grief is a form of praise.Praise for the personI no longer have,Strong regardFor the seasons passedAnd inevitable sadnessThat those days are gone.The shoulders I used to cry onThe eyes I would confide inThe phone calls that made it all make sense.The tears I shed todayAre awash with gratitudeGlad to have had companions that understood meReady […]

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On being in a hurry

The problem with being in a hurry  Is that you tell yourself  In more ways than one  That what you are chasing after  Is of supreme importance: More beautiful than the roses you speed past Of greater value than the sleep you deprive yourself of Of deeper significance than the person you’re becoming along the […]

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You dance, you limp

Some nights  I find that I can dance with fear.  Look it straight in the face  And find my rhythm anyway, Ignore its calls for me to sit down Turn its threats into melodies  Somehow dancing on disappointment and Shaming the devil in his own game.  And some mornings  I can tell that sleep  Hasn’t […]

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Mirror, Mirror

Looking in the mirrorGets hard sometimes.Sometimes I get tiredOf being disappointedAt my own reflection,Saddened by the reminderOf my own shortcomings,Done with all the parts of myselfThat exhaust me,Its no secretThat the meanest voiceIn my headIs often my own.It’s a good thing, then,That when my mindIs no longer a safe placeFor me to live,That God is […]

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God makes complicated things

Stars – Regular and familiar features of the night sky Yet they remain far off mysteries we will never touch,  Burning and expanding  Balls of gas  Spinning, darting Coming alive and dying all at once, Familiar mystery Perfect chaos. Waterfalls- Droplets splattering water everywhere Nowhere dry to stand Beautiful yet dangerous  Soft edges and jagged […]

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