On counting your blessings

How else do you fight the thoughtsOf your life being ‘not enough’?When your mind fixatesOn the things you do not haveAnd magnifies your sense of inadequacyIt turns you in on yourselfSpurring you to spend your daysPlaying catch-up to no end.Counting your blessingsOne by oneIsn’t cheeseyIt isn’t an exercise in vanityOr a hack for momentary happiness.No.Counting […]

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What makes a life worthwhile?  The chances we get  And the choices we make  The people we cling to  And the ones we leave behind The times we were certain of our abandonment  And the moments when our good fortunes seemed inevitable. 30 years ago  Countless little miracles  Were set in motion  That made my […]

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When you’re walking in the dark  Sometimes the only respite available  Is a tiny sliver of light  So far away So faint  Barely enough to see your own hand  In front of your face. The darkness still shrouds It still calls your name with  Disturbing familiarity Where doubt feels more concrete  Than truth ever did, […]

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There is a placeWhere fears are stilledHearts are liftedBurdens are lessenedAnd hope awakened:The temple.We do not go to the templeTo make a name for ourselvesTo have our preferences metOr to have people applaud usFor we are not the ones being worshipped.We go to the templeTo see for ourselves that the story of lifeIs larger than […]

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Foreign to your family

The world can clap for youGive you accoladesClaim you as their ownShower you with trophiesFill up stadiums in your honorRead your blogsQuote your contentHang on your every word –But if it all serves toCut you off from your rootsThen it may not be worth it.Few things are more disorientingThan becoming a foreignerTo your own family,Being […]

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Your place

Isn’t empty, its waiting for you.Doesn’t have to be earnedBut it does need to be fought for.Can’t be taken from youBut can definitely be neglectedIs the right fitBut you’ll have to grow into it.Other people may not see itAnd for significant periods of your lifeIt may be hidden from youBut if you ever enoucnter itYou […]

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Fake forgiveness

Is rushed Half baked  Performative  And full of pretence It harbours bitterness  Allows abuse to continue And pays lip service to one of God’s greatest gifts.  It’s true that forgiveness is vital  But it’s counterfeit is deeply detrimental.  We do not forgive for the sake of appearances of peace Nor for a higher moral ground. […]

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There is more than enough for everybody

Believing this changes a lot.There’s no jostling for crumbsOr conspiring just to belongKeeping tabs on everyone’s spot on the totem poleConvinced that life dependsOn your ability to manipulate it,Hogging every opportunityFor fear that this might be the last.No.Despite what it might feel likeThere’s more than enough for everybody.Life expands to the level of your genrosityOr […]

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Why we ran

We were bornOn burning coalsSo standing stillWas unthinkable.We did not run for gloryBut for survival.There were no better alternativesThan our own legs to carry us to freedom.There was no need for a crowdTo cheer for us,Our own fears goaded us on.We needed no promise of a trophy,Just a way out.We were not running towards the […]

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I’m getting older

I don’t always have to win.Sometimes just being here is enough.Sleep is better than TV now.Friendship is complicated-Don’t get me started about the perplexity that is romance.Family is really, really messyBut really, really important.People’s opinions are just opinions.My friends are complaining about back pain.I can genuinely smile in the mirror these days.Phone calls with Mama […]

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