Like a lion’s

Would you ever imagine a lion roaring half-heartedly? What would it sound like? Would your current idea of a lion’s roar be forever altered with the knowledge that it is possible for a lion to roar halfheartedly? I’d like to imagine that when a lion roars, even if by accident, it’d be an unhindered, unbridled expression; a proud seal of its identity. It’d be incredulous to imagine that the lion perceives it’s roaring as a burden, or that the roar is now outdated and old fashioned and lions must now ‘reinvent themselves’, or that the roar must be patented, curated and copyrighted to keep other lions from copying each others roar. It’d be ridiculous. And its not to say that we must copy lions, or that we have a lesson to learn from lions (which we may), or ‘return to nature’s way of doing things’. But maybe when we think critically about how we treat the things we deem valuable (like how we imagine that a lion considers its own roar to be valuable), and applied them to another paradigm, we’d be better able create a world with less timidity and more boldness… like a lion’s.

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