The Day we stop Kidding ourselves

The day we stop kidding ourselves is the day when we realize that not everybody will be pleased with our contribution, that there will always be good reasons to not keep going, that even on the path of least resistance we will find things we never asked for. On that day, perhaps some will decide to participate even with no promise of reward and in doing so find a greater treasure. On that day, others still will turn away from the overcrowded ”greener pastures” and choose rather, to fertilize the ground on which they stand. On that day perhaps a few will perceive that the new needn’t always replace the old, as others decide to let go of what they thought they could never go without. That day is not the day when we ”finally grow up and get in touch with reality”, as though reality somehow escaped us while we were living in it, but rather its the day when the reality of our hearts and minds become the realities we can see with our eyes.



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