The Path of Least Resistance

The Path of least resistance keeps us from the amazing. Its far easier to keep our prejudices and make generalizations about the way things are in the world, than actually taking the time to understand whats going on. And even when we do understand something, the easy way out is to separate ourselves from it, to tell ourselves that its someone else’s responsibility, or we never allow that knowledge we have to sink in long enough to convict us. Because at that point, when it concerns us directly, when we have taken responsibility, when we live with a conviction; its no longer about our comfort, it doesn’t have to be convenient, we don’t have to be rewarded or reimbursed for every hour invested or applauded for every contribution because all of a sudden… its worth it. And that’s the question we ask ourselves at the crossroads of virtually every activity: is it worth it? Is it worth the effort?

Perhaps what we should be asking is, is it ever not worth it? It will always be easier to give an excuse than to apologise, and it will always be easier to apologise than to actually change. When we do things just to make someone happy, when we are satisfied with doing just the bare minimum or worse still engage in something just to soothe our consciences we become master deceivers; deceiving other people to believe we are have are in agreement and are united when inwardly we could never be farther apart . We deceive our audience by giving a half-baked, half-hearted performance. Perhaps worst of all we deceive ourselves that whether or not we do our best,whether or not we actually believe in what we are doing-it doesn’t matter.

The path of least resistance is a lie. Its a false hope that somehow we can bypass enduring the process of coming out of our comfort zones. In the movie Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne takes drastic measures by becoming a criminal-thumping, gang-busting, taking-the-law-into-your-own-hands vigilante, all to steer the people of Gotham city onto the difficult path of facing the monsters of social injustice that they had fashioned with their own hands. What will it take to steer us onto our road less traveled: our path of least resistance?


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