Where would you draw the line?

It appears that in the world we live in, there are no absolutes. It cannot be absolutely never okay to kill. You and I can reason that in war, blood is often shed, lives are lost for a worthy cause; the soldier that dies for his country is considered a fallen hero, not a victim of our justification of death in war. One could argue: kill or be killed; our enemies will do us harm at the first opportunity, and to defend ourselves we must be willing to do the same. And such  arguments are hard to fight against, in fact, such arguments don’t across as opinions anymore, but are ”the facts of life”- crude, man made elements of our existence that we must learn to live with..

But where do you draw the line? Can there be, at least, an instance when it can be undeniably wrong to take the life of another human being? It’s easy to answer ”Ofcourse” and give reference to the many murderers and killers that have displayed the very worst of human nature, and say ”That’s wrong”. But what of abortion? Simply put, it is murder. Killing an unborn child, or to be more specific (and more self-justifying): termination of intro-uterine human  tissue.

Where does this leave us? In a world that appears to have no absolutes, where do you draw the line?

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