Skeptic of Skepticism

The problem with expecting the worst of people, or seeing the good that is in people as merely circumstantial exceptions that will change the moment a person doesn’t get their way and suddenly reveal their ” true colours”-the problem with this perspective is that the skeptic in herself is thinking too big. So big as to think she has the entire planet figured out, that the sum of all her understanding and experiences are all there is to human existence. It’s an unbalanced picture, an attempt at making the world black and white with various shades of grey, where no one makes flamboyant and colourful claims, and ambitions are dealt with tentatively all this resulting, of course, in no one being disappointed. It’s safe. But then also nobody is inspired; who has ever lived more out of their lives being spurred on by the slogans of ”Why things will never change”, or ” Never trust anybody” and worse still ”Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed”?

I believe optimism and ambition are humble and courageous ways at looking at the world. Being a dreamer does not always mean being naïve, because the unpleasant and disturbing faces of society today are difficult to ignore. As a dreamer, the choice is to amplify the good in yourself, not to hide or conceal the faults, but rather to counter them. And the hope thereof is to amplify the good in others, not to hide or conceal their faults either, but to overcome them as well. Perhaps there is something worse than being stuck in a world full of things that you hate, people that you just tolerate, a government you feel trapped under; and that is not being able to see the good even when it’s not only right in front of you, but  even right inside of you.

 It is not a compliment to oneself to be one that is hard to impress, rather just a sad reality that good must be overwhelmingly obvious for one to notice it. And overwhelmingly obvious good doesn’t just spring up everywhere and most likely developed from the efforts of ordinary people just repeatedly amplifying the good in themselves and those around them (and invariably fighting off the pessimism of skeptics in the process) until it became overwhelmingly obvious.  The great things of our lives were built in spite of scepticism and not because of it; don’t hold it in higher value than its worth.

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