Gardens in the Wilderness

Good things that grow in spite of their circumstances, rather than because of them; the flourishing of a delicate flower in a harsh desert; the birth of a thriving economy despite economic sanctions and unfavourable markets; the budding of your dreams despite the doubts. It is the story of he underdog, the stories we love to hear, but is it the story that you will tell? Gardens are not inspired to grow in the wilderness on their own, there is no reinforcing stimulus, no nudge in the right direction, no reassurance that this is the way to go. Yet, once the sacrifices have been made, the groundwork laid down and the planting established despite the opposition, we can all marvel at the site; the garden in the wilderness. For the dreams of our hearts, our ambitions and hopes, there may never be a reinforcing stimulus, no nudge, nor reassurance, but that does not mean that our aspirations are not worth having. Rather, the fact we choose to pursue our dreams in spite of the indifference of the world that surrounds us, is something beautiful in and of itself, we may not get it right the first time, we may only get to be a one hit wonder, or we may create something that our children will live in. Whichever way, our wrestling with hardship, our willingness to fail and get up again, relentless effort in the pursuit of our ideals.  And indeed just as any garden must be tended and fought for, not just today but every day we wish to see our gardens thrive, so must our dreams be fought for and our ideals tended lest we lose our gardens, our gardens in the wilderness.

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