Belief in our story story


For those who have believed in our story

Thank you.

The old man who sat and listened

to my young ambitious ramblings

Not just waiting to correct me

or give me a piece of advice,

But genuinely wanted to hear

 the story,

and made me feel it was worth telling.


Thank you to the sponsors

Who have sown and sown and sown,

Covering us like their own children

opening their wallets and their hearts.

We know not where we would be without

your contributions whether big or small.


To our parents who raised us

And endured the day our aspirations

led us out of their homes and into foreign lands

When our dreams took us from their arms.

They sent us  out with their blessing

And though they wish they had done more

We can tell them that what they have done is priceless,

For who can put a price tag on what they poured into us?

Long before we even had a story, they believed in us.

There is nothing like having someone buy into your story

And for those who buy into the story, we hope you get what you paid for 





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