What we think we know

The  problem with ”knowing all about” an institution, or rather believing we know is that it’s easy to miss fine detaiis that are contrary to what we think we know that aren’t blatanlty obvious. Students  who believe that they are enrolled in a backward institution, that is irreversibly ill managed with no ‘student life’ will almost always overlook or even miss the good all around them brought about by staff and students who are trying to make their time at the institution worthwhile. And it will take an extraordinary, revolutionary, mind-blowing experience to shake this belief, which unfortunately can’t be pulled off on a regular basis. How different would your experince be at your school, in your city, in your nation if you chose just for a day to let go of your negative assumptions and expectations that have crept into your perspective because of all the negative experiences you have had, and choose rather to keep an eye out for something upworthy? This is not a happy-go-lucky rose-coloured glasses approach, but rather like the genuine enquiry of newcomers who ask, ‘what cool things are available to be a part of here?”. There may not be as much good in our institutions and governmants as there should be, but choosing to search out whatever good there is in the places we live and work sure beats Googling bigger and better institutions and wondering why we aren’t like them.

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