Now Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. -Hebrews 11v1

Now faith is taking the leap not knowing where you will land

Its choosing to believe what God says regardless of what you’re feeling

Its choosing to gun for the dream

Its choosing to act and think as though its gonna happen

Coz only you know the vision you have seen

Your hands alone have grasped it

Your heart alone has handled it.

Therein lies the evidence you need, therein lies the substance that makes dreams reality

For everything that is, first existed in the heart

Indeed the earth’s foundations were founded on faith.

Indeed the just live by this faith.

For if we only live by what we see and feel

Wherein lies the mystery? Wherein lies the wonder?

So here is your charge young man, here is your anthem O rising generation;

Be not those who turn back and never see past their doubt

Choose to die chasing after that which you hope for.

Now Faith.

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