Savour the moment

The tourist syndrome gripped me when I went overseas for the first time; an urge to keep taking pictures in an attempt to capture the moment, yet despite all my efforts I found that I was missing the very thing I was trying capture. I’d be so preoccupied with trying to take the perfect selfie with the background of the mountains, yet not knowing even the name of those very mountains; giggling and smiling in photos with people I had not made the effort to get to know; obsessively seeking to pose next to a famous relic or monument and not waiting long enough to let any of it have a meaningful impact on me: this is the very real irony of having a tourist syndrome. Or worse still, the crazy pressure to read a lot of books. While I am all for reading, I do question the need for reading in volume as opposed to reading for value.  What good is reading 20 books a year that never do more than tickle your imagination? Is that all it is for? Another way to stimulate our brains instead of watching TV? How much better to choose what to read slowly, take your time to really read it, re-read it, wrestle with it until it makes an impact on you. Not many things have the capacity to have their potential effect on us at first glance, or from a single read, they need to be savoured. This is the Information Age, there will always be more knowledge, there will always be a new sight to see but the chance to have an experience, to gain wisdom, the opportunity to be impressed upon by something remarkable; such things don’t come to those who aim to browse and cover ground. Take time and let it sink in, savour the moment.

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