The man I emulate


I’d rather emulate the man of discipline than the reckless adventurer,
The man who can stay true to his course despite all the distractions
that assuage us all.
That man to me is a true streak in a world of fuzzy edges,
A well defined image amongst the haze.
I emulate the man who keeps his home clean and organized despite
surrounding chaos,
The man who can focus on what matters when there are so many choices available.
In a world that parades endless possibilities, the man who can pick a
path and stick to it, despite drama, temptation and controversy is a
man to admire.
Oh to be that man! To hear one’s calling in the midst of a culture of
noisy calls for our attention.
No, it is not the reckless adventurer, the trigger happy charismatic
that all to easily charms my heart- it is not this man that I admire,
it is the man of hard choices that I emulate.

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