Onward. Upward.

Its far too easy to have an excuse to not make the effort again today; to not excercise patience in a difficult relationship, to put in the extra hours beyond what is required of us to do our very best work- and for me to write another blog amidst a very busy schedule. I like many others (i’d like to assume), often allow myself to have a valid reason for not investing what is required in the things that matter most to me, and rather spend my days attending to the immediate, whinning needs that never-ceasingly tug at my sleeve for attention. I wish i could say once and for all that i will no longer accept excuses for not doing things that are important, but i have learned the hard way that personal vows are not to be made so lightly, and blanket laws, especially those that are self-imposed are too easy to break. Yet we must engage in these often unswept corners of our lives, we must press on and try our best to the redeem the time,to capture the moment even if it means breaching of schedules, for what are we without the things that matter most? It is a battle, but some things are worth it. Onward. Upward

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