Even gods can bleed


Even gods can bleed

Even the best amongst us can fumble and lose grasp;

Even those with sight can walk as though they are blind,

Even giants can fall and the bravest of warriors can be found fleeing at the advance of the Enemy

Even those of us who have the best of intentions can find ourselves on paths we never imagined because we have reached a part of the road where good intentions are no longer enough; a point where having a good deed in mind but never doing it is as good as having not cared at all. And while there is more to life than the bottom line, it is called the bottom line for a reason- some things just cannot be overlooked or streamlined; some principles apply to us all regardless of the creed or the colour and results will be needed- and asked for.  Even gods can bleed.

There comes a point of self deception when we think ourselves invincible, having won enough times for it to seem like it is the natural progression of things, that there could never be anything otherwise. But O, how rapidly disillusionment arrives at our door when the true harvest of our efforts presents itself unflattering and somewhat lacking, forcing us to admit that that which we banked on may run up in arrears, and what worked before may not always do so; even blue-chips can fold. Even gods can bleed.

There is a scene in the movie 300 where King Leonidas hurls a spear at the self-declared god-king Xerxes from a great distance away. The spear strikes Xerxes on the cheek and draws blood, for even great men like Xerxes who stood on the heads of kings, and filled the annals of history with the blood of his enemies, uprooting nations to establish an empire, taking away lives at a whim and commanding the events of his era  as though he were God himslef- even he could bleed.

Don’t allow youself to become an omniscient, omnipotent being in your own mind, because you are not. Humble yourself before you are found out, lest even you are reminded that even gods can bleed.

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall – Proverbs 16:18



3 thoughts on “Even gods can bleed

  1. Being humble is the key! Someone once told me, we are just a step away from anything! We are a step away from sleeping around, it just takes one bad decision! We are step away from murder and so on. May we realise the only strong one is God! Great post.

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