You do only live once. Its a pity that only the dying or the nearly died are the ones that know this best. The rest of us seem to carry on as though life will always be as it has always been:
We nurse our grudges and hold fast to our prejudices,
We justify our fears and make little of our victories,
We allow ourselves to be drunk with the approval of people we do not even like, continuing in our stupor that awakens us to the things in this life that really matter – hopefully by then it will not be too late. Maybe then we can make something worthwhile from all this madness..this mad merry-go-round of never ending social circles, and ever extending corporate ladders. We are more than the day-to-day life of simple men trying to make a life or a living: we know this. We know we are better than this, yet still we remain in the safety in the mundane, for it is easier to live as though tomorrow is guaranteed because that means today we can continue treating life as though she were inexhaustible, and time as though she were inexpensive. When will I stop and focus? And make the main thing, the main thing??

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