The Trade Off

Better to die in faith
Than to live in doubt.

Better to lose believing God is with us
Than to win, knowing He is not.

For all that we could on earth will never
Be worth gaining at the expense of our souls.
But how blessed is the man who loses all the world,
For the preservation of his own soul.

Make your trade today, which of these is greater? :
The grand delights of what is unseen by the naked eye,
Unmeasured by any currency,
Untouched by the ever-depreciating systems of men;
Integrity, Honesty, Faith, Hope and Love.

Or are all these nothing in the face of
Fiscal reports and social status scores?
Do all these pale in comparison to the thrill
Of climbing up the ladder
The exhilaration of acquiring what is
Not really ours to keep?

So, what will it be?
What will we trade off
For our spot in the rat race if that really is
All we are here for?Stand

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