If you are looking for reasons to disqualify yourself, you are sure to find them. . They are many and abundant if you really look hard.
You are not tall enough
You are not the right colour
People like you don’t do things like this
You don’t have enough money
Nobody likes you
You’re ugly
You’re lazy
If you failed at that other thing what makes you think you will make it here?
Those are all good reasons not to do something. All have hard answers to them. But therein lies the challenge- to overcome hard things.
Its a hard thing to cheer yourself on when nobody else is cheering. But nobody cheers on a man on the bleachers; only players have cheerleaders.
Its a hard thing to knock on a door uninvited. But sometimes you’ve got to knock anyways coz some doors will not open any other way.
Its a hard thing to keep hoping after multiple failures. I mean its bad enough that you didn’t make it  the first time… or the second…. but now its just humiliating. It’s hard. But sometimes the stakes are too high to tap out- it’ll either be a knock out or a victory.
Sometimes love is just too hard. To keep forgiving, to keep putting someone else first. Sometimes its just too hard. But then that begs the question; where would you be without love?
It is not a hard thing to exclude ourselves from virtue; its the easiest way to deal with things that challenge us, that seem to demand more from us than what we have, expecting the seemingly impossible. Its a hard thing.
Therein lies the challenge.

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