Truth is, until your hunger exceeds your inhibitions you will always find a reason not to do something.

How hungry are you for a better world? Have you reached a point where you need more and will not rest until you see it?

Bill Hybels speaks of a Holy Discontent that grips a leader before they have a new vision. Something that you cannot stand anymore, that you can no longer tolerate, and no longer co-exist with- one of you has to go. That holy discontent will free you from the leashes of the comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is not so much much a shelter as it is a prison. While it represents a place where you can be relaxed and in familiar environments, a comfort does not foster progress. It does not induce growth. Comfort zones place little expectations on us , few demands on our resourcefulness and little if any effort is required.

The body is governed by several laws, and one such law is Murphy’s law, which basically states that any given part of the body will develop on regress in proportion to its use. So under used body parts atrophy with lack of use, while well used body parts hypertrophy, enlarge, become skillful and well controlled. That is why we have 2 hands that have noticeably different capabilities. Most right handed people have relatively weak, uncontrolled use of their left hand in comparison to their other hand. And the same goes for lefties in most cases. The same goes for our lives, the aspects we don’t invest enough in will soon decay and it is obvious; weak relationships, poor health, low grades, little motivation, utter boredom. No hunger. Some things we can let slide, but some things are worth fighting for. But it’ll be a losing battle as long as your inhibitions remain stronger than your hunger.

Where is your holy discontent?

What are you hungry for?

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