Its that smell that sets the hair on your arms on edge, that touch that sends shivers down your spine

The unexpected and the marvelous

Taking your breath away

Stoppping you.

In your tracks.

In case you had mistakenly thought

That you had seen all there is to see.

All things excellent invite you to stop and ponder

To stop and consider

Even if just for a moment

That perhaps there is more to life than what there is right now.

That perhaps its actually not OK to just be OK.

It is possible to be remarkable -or at least  worth making a remark about.


And where are these excellent things?

How would we know if we found them? If they found us?

Excellence is like spoken words of truth.

Words that don’t just tickle your ears but leave them ringing

For truth has no echo. No frame for it to bounce off

Just comparisons to falsehoods and imitations.

Truth stands alone.

As does excellence.

No. There is nothing like the exellent,

There is no scale to it;

You cannot describe an experience as ”nearly excellent”

It was either excellent…or otherwise.

Choose not to be otherwise.


You will know it when you feel it, see it. Smell it.

New and surprising yet somehow familiar and welcoming

Like a gust of wind blowing against a weary face

At just the right moment.

Like whispered kiss. The assurance you needed all along.

Well placed.

Well spoken.

Not too much, not too little.

Just right.


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