Not just entertained.

You could read a thousand books and yet remain altogether unchanged,

Or you could read one verse and be devastated forever.

Sit in school for 12 years and be just as ignorant.

With so much choice and so many things demanding our attention

Its all too easy to have access to it all…and yet gain so little.

Information is no longer the problem.

Conviction is. You’ve got to give a damn.

What we need is heart work.

Break our hearts,

Stir them,

Ignite them

Fragment them

Fill them

Empty them

But for goodness’s sake don’t ignore them.

So the next time you speak, share, create and contribute don’t just tell us what we need to know – speak to our hearts.  Coz that’s who we really are.

The next time you listen, listen out for more than just the words or the setting and the lights- listen out for the heartbeat. You never know, you may just be moved.

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