How is it than we can miss each other’s genius?

Like knowing a man for 5 years and never having a meaningful conversation with him..

Like yeah sure, you know his name

And you could tell me about his high school sweetheart,

But imagine if the friends of Picasso never knew his art?

Or the family of Shakespeare never thought much of his writing?

Who would really be at loss?

The proverbial ”prophet without honor”

Is the man in possession of unseen genius

Unsppoken wisdom

Untapped potential.

Whose genius are you missing?

2 thoughts on “Genius

  1. So refreshing to see you write Dzi! I save your posts to read them during my mini-study breaks. Always leaves me with something to think about! Shine shine shine!!

  2. Food for thought, it’s so sad how relationships are no longer given the value they deserve instead have just become a watered down, superficial way of knowing someone.

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