Whether or not they recognise that you even showed up today

The onus is on you whether or not you show up tomorrow.

Counted out and overlooked, silenced and ignored

Its still up to you to stand up and be counted.

To  add your two cents to the equation.

Even if they don’t say ‘thank you’ for your contribution

You decide whether that keeps you from giving again.

When you no longer have a perfect record

You can let your mistakes mistake tarnish everything

Or you can fight to make the best of what you still have.

The decision will still be yours each morning as to how much yesterday will affect today.

If not in how you act, then at least in how you think

Recognised or otherwise, your contributions still count

And are still needed. Sorely. Don’t believe their indifference.

You matter. A lot.

You decide whether or not those contributions will come.

Liked or not. Followed or rejected.

You decide what you’re going to give in each moment.

Onus. Own it.




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