We are more than what comes naturally to us.

The places we go

The things we eat

The skills we have

The way we think

The people we fall in love with.

Sometimes we are faced with things unfamiliar or that we had previously overlooked.

And instead of just reaching the same conclusion we always reach, maybe it’s worth our while to ask ourselves if we have truly engaged with what is in front of us.

Because maybe what we actually mean when we say ‘ It’s natural’ is,

”It’s easier to think this way, coz I have already figured out how this  all works”


Maybe.Maybe not.

Maybe we can find ourselves having meaningful conversations with people we had already dismissed long before they had even opened their mouths,

Or realizing that we had  given way too much credit to certain people  for things that they  benefited from but actually had little to do with themselves.

And that maybe, just maybe, we haven’t explored all that there is about ourselves or the people  and places around us. When did we stop learning?  When did we start living in our heads in what we know, instead of the streets in what we don’t? When did we decide that we had it all figured out?

Perhaps we ourselves are yet to discover what ‘natural’ truly is.



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