Guessing Game

Its sometimes a lot easier to assume that people ”don’t get you”

Than to admit that you’re  making it  hard for people to ‘figure out who you are are’.


Its  awkward and tedious to be vulnerable.

To let down your guard to the people around you.

Despite them always being with you, you still feel alone

Though they listen still feeling misunderstood

And then coming to the conclusion that they will  ever understand.

And sure, we are complex beings, constantly evolving in response to the world in which we live.

But there is a peculiar guessing game  that some of us play,

A kind of test to see who has really been paying attention to who we really are;

To see who has been getting our subtle hints,

Who know how to love us right without us telling them how to, without asking them to.

And sometimes, the people you love play along

They love as well as we would like to be loved.

But sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they miss their cues and forget their lines

Sometimes they don’t see you standing there silently waiting for them to notice you.

And so in that moment you may conclude that they will never understand, that you are just too much for them to handle.

And so your the guessing game becomes hide and seek;

Where people never seem to be looking hard enough,

And you never seem to be found.

But could it be that its not that they are not seeking you out well enough,

But that you are too good at hiding who you really are?

Could it be hat the reason for your loneliness in the midst of your companions is that the guessing game you have designed for yourself is just too complex for anyone else to play?


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