Third Person

There is often a third person in the room when we are on the threshold of doing work that matters.

There’s you and your audience or customer, or patient

And then there’s this other guy.

This third voice that always seems to have just the right things to say

To make you fearful.

‘Reminding’ you that you are incompetent, that its only a matter of time until you are found out.

This person  reminds you of the exam you failed two years ago

And the time you made a serious blunder that cost a lot of money.

It gives you the most recent updates of your inadequcy

And it always seems to have episodes of your failures playing. On repeat.

This voice assures you that no matter what you do, you will never be enough.

A never ending black hole that consumes every effort made

Trying to convince you,


That you don’t belong here.

Its hard to silence voices like these and we could spend a lot of time trying to flush them out.

But it is also helpful to remember that those voices are not the ‘real you’

And that there is still an aduidence, a customer, a patient right in front of you

Waiting to be engaged.

That third person doesn’t actually exist, and frankly doesn’t really matter.

But you and the people who count on you really do,

Focus on them.




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