With so much literature available

And with more blogs and videos than we will ever have enough time for

Its important to be keenly aware of what you are trying to achieve

When you logon to Youtube or TED

Or pick up that book to add to your library.

It is very possible to kid yourself into thinking

That merely consuming good material makes you a better contributor.

Books on human potential, leadership and development

Are not just for consumption and later regurgitation

To decorate our conversations that  inevitably end with phrases like,

‘That was so deep.” or ”Powerful stuff.”

And often that’s where the story ends. It tickles our ears and we may even be moved.

For a moment.

And then on to the next one. Twelve books in a year and another set of great ideas

Sitting at the back our minds.


Words of wisdom are seeds that we need to plant, cultivate and nurture

Not collect and ‘quote’ and put on our t-shirts and Facebook statuses.

If we are not actually growing from all this stuff we read and watch,

Could it be that we are merely filling up our playlists and expanding our libraries

Yet not extending, by one inch, the tents of our souls?





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