Is literally what you make it.

It can be a joke that you can somehow take into your stride

Or it can be a weakening blow that makes you self conscious for hours on end,

As though you woke up this morning with some sort of guarantee that everything would go according to plan today.

But it rarely does. It never does.

And we know this.

Embarrassment after doing something that didn’t work out as planned is going to happen and we have to get used to that. And it can be helpful, to not only find out what you are capable of but also to learn a bit more about your audience, your customer, your patients, your friends. You’ll figure out what works and what does not.

But the fear of embarrassment is something else altogether.

The so called cool calm and collected disposition is not always ‘wise’ or even cool. Its often just pride and fear. Fear of trying something that might not work. That might be a little embarrassing. And so we may choose to rather be cool, than to be generous. And even then there are no guarantees, so why hold back?

What are you too afraid to try?


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