Middle Class

The middle class in some parts

Are those who are increasingly aware of  their rights

And working to fully exploit their opportunities

While at the same time distancing themselves from greater responsibility.

Having fought for their spot in the sun

They now count it too costly to question why it shines so bright on so few.

It is those who make compelling political arguments

But don’t go out to vote.

The ones who have the power to participate in meaningful change

But spend their efforts on getting a larger piece of the pie

Knowing full well that their activity ( or rather inactivity) is condoning prevailing inequality.

Its the fodder for disjointed regimes

Where tyrants keep everyone busy with their own business

And doing little for the greater good. Leaving the elites free to do as they please.

These members of the middle class find themselves comfortably in the middle of things;

Far enough from depravity to not be inconvenienced by it

And just the right distance away from disorder to not be held responsible for it.

Its the perfect spot in a society with lots of problems to fix

And lots of fortune to gain.

And when asked where they find themselves in all this, they are never the problem (nor the solution), but always somewhere in the middle.



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