Defying Gravity

Many among us have had a rough start in life.

Absent fathers, impoverished families. Disease, war and displacement.

Racial prejudice, minority status. Seemingly closed doors at every turn.

We have heard and seen the stories of those who have somehow

Overcome many of the challenges they faced early on that

By all accounts should have taken them out.

Yet somehow by hard work (and a lot of good fortune really)

They have risen from the ashes and defied gravity.

And we all applause in awe of the human spirit.

And applause we must, and applause we will.

But we must not kid ourselves to think that we shall all defy gravity.

Many of us will do the best we can with what we have to make it

But at some point our strength will fail

And we may never be able to emancipate ourselves completely.

Some will try, running their whole lives chasing  after the unattainable

And attempt to laugh in the face of the G-forces that have held back so many before.

However, if we are honest, our strength is finite though we may not know it

Self-development has the limiting factor of self

And freedom is only ever realized in phases and the more we have

The more it costs. And we only have so much to spend.

Perhaps one day we will see that  there some things we need saving from,

and admit that we cannot

Save ourselves.



My flesh and my heart may


but God is the strength of

my heart

and my portion forever.’

Psalm 73:26



And to be honest, for them to mak something more out of their lives

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