Facts and feelings

We are not merely rational beings.

Facts don’t move us nearly as much as feelings do.

Think of the irony of walking into a store that proudly displays

How highly rated on  ‘customer service’ and ‘excellence’ ratings it is

But somehow still feeling like a number in their store.

Lost in translation I guess.

That certificate may as well be toilet paper…

Companies can spend millions upgrading technology

And creating new attention grabbing advertisements

But if the staff haven’t got with the program and

Still treat customers the same mediocre way

(even with a script of what to say, fake smiles and plastic greetings)

Much of the work to draw and keep customers is being undone.

This is why some of us shop where we shop

And walk past the flashing lights and new signs.

We go there because we feel human there.

Sure, improve the facts and figures of your business

We’ll remember that your service was efficient

But if you really want us to come back

You might want to pay attention to how you’ve made us feel.





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