On becoming.

The 10 habits of highly successful people.

The five rules to making the most of your life.

The ‘winner’s mindset.’

Good information. But it has its limits

There is no external cure for mediocrity

Just heaps upon heaps of sedative media numbing us from the reality

Of who we really are;

Our tendency to procrastinate, our disproportionately strong inner critic

And tendency to self-destruct when things seem to be going well for us.

Each one of us must come to grips with the elements within ourselves

That hinder us from who we really want to be.

Self awareness.

We must also realize that while we may learn some new insights from gurus and mentors

We cannot merely be consumers of good advice

Or assume a copy and paste way of trying to be like the people we admire.

It counts for nothing if none of that actually becomes a part of who  we are.

We need more than a code of conduct, a prescription to follow, a model to copy.



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