Life Lessons

In a world where have more access to the personal lives and minds

Of the people we admire and  people who have done great things,

There is the ever-growing tendency

To subscribe to ideas that we have not taken the time to assimilate.

We speak of ‘deep things’ that our own souls have not yet tasted

‘Powerful stuff’ that has only momentarily moved our hearts,

And even find ourselves teaching others ‘life lessons’

That we ourselves are truly yet to learn.

There are more manuals and scripts about how to live life now

Than ever before in human history. And that’s great.

But in the middle of learning how to avoid the mistakes that others have made before you

Be sure to keep your eyes open and remain present in the current environment in which you live,

For while there are many great teachers at whose feet we must sit and learn,

We must at some point decide to put aside the scripts and textbooks,

Roll up our sleeves and leave the classroom to encounter life for what it actually is.

For that is where the real learning begins.


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