What things do you do for the sheer love of doing them?

In a world where we are almost always competing for the praise of our peers and the respect of our competitors,

We can find ourselves living for accolades as opposed to pursuing our dreams.

Awards are nice and its encouraging to have people appreciate what we do

And it is also an indication that we are doing something worthwhile and doing it well.

But what if we do our best work and it is not recognized?

What if we do all that we know to do and still come up short?

What if all that we have to offer is not what the world was looking for anymore,

What then?

Will we still show up?


When the cheers and clapping cease and the room falls silent and empty again,

You will still be there.

And if the cheers never come and not a single clap is heard among the empty seats

Again, there you will be.

In that moment when there are no guarantees of another audience to offer applause, what will you do?

Will you still show up?



* See Elizabeth Gilbert on this:






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