Sometimes the good stuff is not so easy to access.

It isn’t a low hanging fruit just waiting to be plucked and eaten.

Sometimes the really good stuff is buried deep beneath a lot of montony.

Deep below consistently showing up and being counted. Marking the attendance register.

Not every essay written is going to be insightful, and not every speech transcendent

But the writer must still write. The speaker must still speak.

There is a process to follow and there are steps to take to arrive at that ever eleusive destination.

It will not always be romantic. It will not always be pleasant. Inspiration may not stike today.

Or anytime soon for that matter

But you must keep showing up and pushing against the walls of your existence.

Inspiration may not come anytime soon. But you are here.

And you have work to do.

And if brilliance visits you today,

Let her find you working.

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