We too

We too

Though our skin be dark
And our eyes be brown,
We too are made in the image of God
We too are worthy of more than pity
We too are inhabitants of Gods green earth
We too have high hopes and dream
To soar above the waves of life
We too do not want to have to constantly prove our worthiness to be here.
We too want our children to be victims of the past no longer
But to walk on paths we were forbidden to take.
We too want our children to never have to question their worthiness
Or fight feelings of inferiority
Or dabble with oppression.
We too call God our Father
We too are to have dominion on the earth.
We may be poor and have little knowledge
But we too deserve more than scraps.
Our leaders may not believe in us, and we may have few friends abroad
And no connections to speak of
Yet We too have something  to offer.
We may have a history of being less than and inferior
But we too deserve a seat at the table.
Our names are not too difficult to pronounce
Our languages are not merely exotic
Our ways are not to be discarded.
We are not less worthy because of the tone of our skin
Or the mettle of our voice
Not any less beautiful
Any less necessary.
Any less human.
We too are made in His image and likeness.
We too.

You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted;
You encourage them, and You listen to their cry,
Defending the fatherless and the oppressed
In order that man, who is of the earth
May terrify no more

-Psalm 10:17

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