Flailing wildly

No one expects you to be good at swimming if you haven’t spent much time in water before.
Most of us will struggle before we get  into the zone of confidence
And even when we are there, the ocean is unpredictable and will always be beyond our complete control.
So there’s no point trying to prove a point.
And even if it takes you a while to figure it out
There is no room for pride and pretense;
The water will humble you.
As will life.
Until you learn the lessons of this season you will be flailing around wildly
Thrashing in all directions
Until you get the hang of it.
We know this.
Yet somehow it’s so tempting to try rush the lessons,
We try hard to never be wrong about something
It takes a lot of effort to admit our ignorance.
And unless we humble ourselves, life itself will humble us.
Don’t rush the process
Be willing to try and get it wrong
Flail wildly.

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