There are things that impress us,

That get us talking

And are the subject of conversations online and over meals,

Easily spoken of and consequentially easily forgotten;

The dress a celebrity was wearing, how great that event was, how well spoken he was.

And there are things that are awesome.

They inspire awe.

Not just better than we expected, not just worth making a remark about

But things that for a moment make us forget ourselves,

That draw us in and disturb our train of thought

And create emotions in us that are hard to fake or reproduce;

Like the feeling you have when someone forgives you for something you did,

Or finally seeing a long trail of consistent love from someone you had taken for granted

Or the moment you realize that you have actually changed.

Moments of awe are not always glamorous but they retain their value long after the moment has passed.
Some things are just remarkable and others are awesome – what are you looking for today?

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