The question remains

Long before the applause began

The artist was busy at her craft

Working with her tools

Figuring things out.

For she knows that the audience will come and go

But the work will remain.

Inspiration flows and ebbs

Coming in and out like the tide

But there on her table will lie the paintbrush and the empty canvas,


Waiting to be filled with the colors of her mind

As though yesterday’s efforts had not even registered.

Each day’s work demands its own fresh swath of creativity,

Every dawn rising with the same question-

What will you create today?

We make art – paintings, books, meals and conversations

We build businesses and families

We create chaos and stumble upon harmony

We force war and feign peace

Mould clay pots and carve out relationships

Making creative decisions every day.

And regardless of how we did it yesterday

As long as we are alive today

The same question will remain:

What will you make today?


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