The Urge

She did not only want to succeed in order to take care of her family,

Be a responsible citizen, and make a meaningful contribution;

These are the things she told herself are the fuel that drives her.

But now that she had made it, it seemed her hunger only grew

Somehow she has found herself famished

After feasting at the table of life.

So she convinced herself that she just needs to eat more

Get more, be more

For surely this appetite must be appeased.

She needed to succeed.

Without it her soul would die of starvation.


He wanted her love.

He wanted her to say his name. Softly, gently, tenderly. Daily.

And for now, at least, she did.

But if that love would ever fade

He would die.

He needed her love. Without it

His own heart would grow cold

And so his heart put him at ransom for her love

Captivated and captive.

A prisoner of desire,

Fulfilled and enslaved all at once.


Each heart has its object

A personal god to which we bow.

We live and die in reverence,

Every waking moment an opportunity to worship

Every fleeting dream a version of the same fantasy

Running wild with our wildest dreams

Finding deep refuge in our greatest ambitions.

But time and again we catch a glimpse of the unsightly underbelly of our elegant visions

We tell ourselves that it is we that chases after and grasps these goals

But it is rather these things we pursue  that have apprehended us.

We imagine ourselves the captains of our destinies

But in truth we are salves to the urges of our hearts.




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