Protesters throw stones at government buildings

Burning tires in the middle of the road.

Overturned vehicles with gaping, smashed windows

Business cannot go on as usual,

An institution suffers a loss.

Chaos. Unrest. Rebellion



Institutional bias against the weakest.

The same kind of students somehow always fail to reach graduation day;

And its got nothing to do with IQ or work ethic,

Educational systems reinforcing socioeconomic inequality

Perpetuation of generational cycles of poverty

Business goes on as usual.

Families bear the cost.

Domination. Oppression. Abuse.


Depending on which side of the fence you sit;

Freedom fighters may be terrorists

Protestors are really just hooligans

Participants in civil disobedience are ungrateful and lazy,

Until the gun of injustice is pointed at you.

Those on the other side have their reasons for their violence

It could just be that they are fighting back

Against a system that never took them into consideration.

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