Talk at me

We’ve agreed to talk at each other,

Not to one another.

We have set up virtual realities

That allow us to speak in punchlines and sound bites,

That facilitate shallow conversations

And eaily like-able pictures that idolize happiness,

We have reduced the nuances of the real human beings of the world

To a series of stereotypical identies

That keep our own little world organized

Into those we agree with and ”others”.

We have more access to more information

Piling on more and more about less and less,

Sinking our teeth deep into ideas that confirm our biases,

Like an finnicky kid refusing to eat our vegetables;

We have decided to block out what doesnt look our sound like us,

And act as if all we see and hear online is true.

At least, the only truth that matters.

So where does that leave us?

With bigger mouths and smaller ears

Louder opinions and shallower understanding

Having conversations with ourselves

Because no one else is really listening.

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