The state of being aware of the underlying messaging all around you.
Its understanding privilege and your lack of it
Because if you are already privileged
There is no need to get woke
Because you’re living the dream
And you don’t even know it.

For the white male
It seems that for the longest time
The world was built with you in mind
And if you labour with your hands
You expect the soil to bear you fruit.
But see the white female.
She must overcome the instilled
Idea that she must gain permission
In order to exist and thrive
And then she can labour with her hands
And hopefully bear fruit.
The non-white male
Finds himself face to face with a system
That considers him non-ideal.
He must acclimatize himself to the ‘civilized world’
Before he can ask for permission to exist and thrive
And then with some luck
Get his hands to work and enjoy some fruit.
The non-white female bears a different burden.
If she wants to enjoy the fruit of the land
She must overlook the low expectations of her,
Acclimatize herself to a civilization that routinely casts her into the periphery
Before asking for permission to exist and thrive.

For those who have never had to ‘wake up’
Enjoy your sleep
I am sure the dream is sweet.
For the rest of us;
Get woke.

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