On over-thinking things

Sitting for hours.

Wracking your brain,

Rehearsing clumsy words over and over again

As though life has practice days and ‘showtime’ days

And that one day we will have it all figured out

One day we won’t have to struggle to make it happen.

But thats the trouble

The bad ideas and the bad days

Won’t be eliminated and forgotten

Your worst ideas are necessary members of your family

Not unsightly children that are never meant to see the sun.

The trick is not in making it work the first time around,

Its in realizing that once the portal has been open,

The portal from which all ideas come

That narrow orifice that only gets bigger with more traffic.

And sooner or later, it’ll be big enough for a great idea to grow in.


We can be our own loudest critics , with fierce objections to our own creativity

Tearing apart each idea that emerges

Looking for faults at every turn.

Or we can nurture our early attempts

Keeping in mind that they are in their infancy

And of course would likely not withstand icy scrutiny ,

So rather than beat ourselves up for not being  overly creative

Perhaps we should calm down and take a breath.

This is not an audition.

Give yourself a chance.



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