A hundred percent of the time

There is an opportunity for something to go wrong a hundred percent of the time

And there is an opportunity for us to show up with every situation

Even if it is only in our thoughts that we actually rise

And half the time that’s where the battle lies.

You have a choice whether to rehearse your fears and doubts and let them cripple you

Or remind yourself of the power you have in any given moment.

The power to initiate change

To forgive

To apologize

To be the first to greet

To do your work even though you hate where you are

To seek God

To give your Mom a call

To show someone grace

To make a contribution.

The opportunity for something to go wrong,

to be disappointed,

to be let down is ubiquitous- it’s a part of human life

And so is the opportunity to rise to the challenge.

A hundred percent of the time.

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