Finding fame and being found

Is really a lucky draw.

Unless you are in the rare circumstance

Of being born to famous parents.

But for the rest of us

Being famous is an act of God

Or luck.

There comes this really strange moment

When you first discover someone your age or younger

Who has somehow gotten famous and successful

And you ask yourself where you were

When they were busy getting famous?

Like, did you miss a meeting or something?

Its even worse when you reckon that you are

Probably more talented and hardworking than they are.

You could totally be famous.

But you’re not.

Its then that you realize

That fame and fortune does not really

Come to the most gifted and  talented (or even the connected).

You don’t really find it.

It finds you.

You honestly are not responsible for that part.

Your time may (or may not) come

And you’ve gotta live with that.

Coz you’ve got to be famous for something right?

So keep doing that thing

And you may stumble on it

Or it may find you.

Or not.

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