Savior Syndrome: the Freedom Fighter’s Curse?

There’s a point when a helpful hand

And a liberating arm

Becomes a hindering grip

And a restraining force

That restricts growth

And limits those it seeks to assist.

The trouble with chronically helpful people;

Do-gooders who seem to not know what to do with themselves

If they are not helping others,

Is not only that they can be belittling at times,

As they regularly remind the people they save of their great need for saving,

Moreover they seem to need someone to be weak around them.

And so in their efforts they do not breed strength

But inadvertantly breed further weakness

Seemingly intimidated by the autonomy of others.

Perhaps its an overconfidence in their own usefulness,

Or a deep seated need to be needed.

Regardless of what it is

These self-proclaimed saviors

Will keep on saving others

Even when there’s no need for saving.

Its cute until these saviors

Don’t ever let people forget

The good that they did for them.

And before we know it,

The savior,

The beloved freedom fighter,

Becomes the oppressor.





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