Rural Life

Always throws me off.
It’s not that I am consistently underwhelmed by everything,
As one might expect from someone who has lived in cities most of his life,
But in the realization that my preconceived ideas about rural life are rarely accurate.
Things are rarely as ‘exotic’ as I expected
And the people here aren’t as “out of touch” as I have condescendingly allowed myself to believe.
Sure it’s different, and the conveniences that I am used to aren’t readily available,
But its not necessarily backward.
The people here are living their lives everyday
Making it work and going about their business
Regardless of others’ perceptions and expectations.
No need for comparison it just is what it is.
There’s nothing quite like spending a few days in a place you are not familiar with
To realize that human life flourishes in more ways than one,
And that the world is a lot more diverse than we allow ourselves to think.

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