How much evidence do you need that is contrary to what you currently believe

For you to change your mind?

There’s a difference between not having enough proof

To support a claim

And choosing not to acknowledge what’s right in front of you.

How much good does a man have to do

To prove that he is not a douche bag?

How much affection and loyalty does a woman have to show to

Convince a guy that she loves him alone?

How many decent people from a race or religion you are biased against

do you have to meet to purge you of your prejudice?

To be on the receiving end of such demands for proof

Can be exhausting and discouraging.

But there is One who does not grow  weary

Of proving His love.

Though we doubt His intentions daily

He does not relent His pursuit of our hearts

Nor cease to present His case of undaunted love.

The evidence of the love of God is ubiquitous

And inescapable as the air that surrounds us and fills our lungs.

Yet we can convince ourselves of its absence

Demanding proof on our own terms.

Thank God He is not like us.


Your beauty and love chase after me 

everyday of my life.

  • Psalm 23:6   The Message.


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