Waiting for an invite

Unless you’ve made a really great impression on a really select few people with influence,

The industry isn’t really going to send you an invite,

To come and do the work you really want to do.

You may never be more than a pawn on some people’s chess boards

And fighting to be more than that may prove to be a waste of your time.

So instead of trying to convince people who have already decided not to take you seriously,

Do the best work you can and keep your eyes open to see more opportunities.

History has proven time and time again that no one will always have all the keys

And though you may find yourself fighting for scraps today,

Make sure you are fighting for a future you really want,

Not the leftovers of someone else’s party.

Never let someone else build your world for you because they will always make it too small. – Tom Deuschle

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