In trying not to cause a scene
She became a passive doormat,
In trying to not be a pushover
He became aggressive and stubborn,
In trying to preserve its own identity,
The nation became harsh on its immigrants
In trying to keep up with the world
The value of local dynamics was diminished.
In an attempt to include everyone’s perspective
We have concluded that nobody has the truth,
In an attempt to escape the pitfalls of organized religion
We have glorified godlessness.
In our determination to no longer be oppressed
We have mounded an iron fist of our own.
And as each generation flees the shortcomings of the ones before,
We run headlong into our own trappings,
Jumping from one extreme to the other;
A middle ground seems to just be an illusion,
And so the human race swings, from one totem pole to another.


In this meaningless life of mine I have seen both of these:
the righteous perishing in their righteousness,
and the wicked living long in their wickedness.
Do not be overrighteous,
neither be overwise—
why destroy yourself?
Do not be overwicked,
and do not be a fool—
why die before your time?
t is good to grasp the one
and not let go of the other.
Whoever fears God will avoid all extremes.

– Ecclesiastes 7:15-18



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